Random Cam Story:

My pet tossed and turned pretty much all night. Visions of hot, wet, gushing orgasms filled her dreams. So much so that she awoke a few times and edged, desperately wanting to cum but being a good girl and holding off like her master instructed her to do. When it was time to start her day she edged once more in bed, moaning while rubbing her engorged clit and fingering her aching pussy. She decided to take a bath and let the warm water coming out of the faucet run over her eager clit for a few moments. The pleasure almost drove her out of her sex filled mind. She continued to tease her clit while picking out clothing for the day. Excited about hopefully chatting with me later on she dressed as told, picking out a cute, sexy, short, mid-thigh skirt and loose button up blouse. The blouse was lightweight but not see thru so she decided to go completely without undergarments today, believing I would enjoy her doing so. The shirt fabric felt soft and sensuous against her bare nipples making them stick out and ache for her fingers to pinch and squeeze them. She bent over in front of a mirror as she slipped on her thigh high stockings and boots master had told her to wear. While she was bending over she peeked at her swollen, aching pussy and noticed a trail of her juices leaking out and running down her inner thigh. Slipping a finger inside her wetness almost drove her crazy with passion but she was eager to taste herself before heading out for the day. Her skirt rode up as she got in her car and when pulling out onto the street she noticed the mailman give her a smile, realizing at that point she had inadvertently flashed him. This made her smile and she couldn't resist touching herself as she drove to her destination. Getting out of her car she couldn't help but notice the faint smell of her aching pussy. As she walked toward the building she intentionally pulled her skirt up a little, knowing that men and women both were admiring her sexy ass without realizing that she wore nothing under her skirt. As she walked into the conference room all eyes turned to her. She had a certain glow and smirk on her face that made the men's pants tighten and the women in the room ache for whatever was making my pet feel this way. The meeting lasted for a couple hours. She couldn't resist touching her wetness a few times and when they took a restroom break she almost ran to the stall to be able to edge before going back. After the meeting was over she took the afternoon off to do some shopping. Her master had instructed her to get a few toys to play with when she got on cam for him and she didn't get a chance to do it the day before. Today she made sure to get them as she didn't want to disappoint me. While out shopping she took available chances to quickly, "accidentally" flash the men and women checking her out. Showing them her pussy made it ache even more. Especially when she stopped to look at some new high heels and teased the poor shoe salesperson by barely spreading her thighs every time he got down on a knee in front of her to slip on whichever shoe she had picked out to try on. Deciding she had to get out of there before doing so made her to hot to resist cumming she left while the man was getting a different style. She felt her pussy juice running down her inner thigh as she stood and noticed a wet spot on the chair. She was eager to orgasm and decided it was time to head home, teasing again while driving and edging several times once there while waiting for her master to get online.

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